Pelletier-Yapo family and their guests around the table.

A global and local plate

Travels, globalization and immigration significantly influenced Québec cuisine. African and South American mangoes and Asian soy sauce are now available in supermarkets across the province. North African couscous and Mexican salsa are part of the daily lives of Québecers—a population that is increasingly diverse.

We discover cuisines from around the world through cookbooks, blogs, television shows and restaurants. Still, these foreign foods are adapted to local tastes. For example, the ingredients used in sushi in Québec are different from those used in Japan. Fusion has become a new trend, marrying traditional dishes and international flavours by adding Mexican spices to shepherd’s pie, for example.

Québecers also seek out local products that are rooted in tradition. Artisanal cheeses, lamb with a designation of origin, and microbrewery beers have been steadily gaining in popularity. New gourmet routes teach traditions and charm tourists. 

When it comes to eating, Québecers look abroad with their feet firmly planted in the terroir!

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