Excerpt about peas from the cookbook La cuisinière bourgeoise.


This excerpt reveals how important peas were in French Canadian cuisine. Bread and lard along with pea, cabbage and onion soup constituted the basis of the settlers’ diet in New France. 

La cuisinière bourgeoise
Saint-Malo, L.-H. Hovius, fils, 1802, p. 263
Musée de la civilisation, bibliothèque de livres rares et anciens du Séminaire de Québec, SQ016625


Transcription of page 263

Green peas and dry peas.
Green peas are best during three months: June, July and August. To appreciate their goodness, they must be tasted. See if they have a sweet and soft taste; if they’re freshly picked and hulled.
Once they’re hulled, good peas have a germ.
The smaller the peas, the better they are.
The later peas are the marrowfat peas. They’re bigger but no less tender.
Green peas may be served with a variety of meats and are excellent in stews. They may also be served with or without fat as an entremets.
Dry peas are used to make purée.