Boiled dinner recipe in Nouvelle cuisinière canadienne cookbook.

Boiled dinner

Nouvelle cuisinière canadienne includes simpler, Canadian adaptations of European recipes. This recipe for boiled dinner with beef is a good example.

Nouvelle cuisinière canadienne
Montréal, Louis Perrault, 4th edition, 1865, p. 30-31
Musée de la civilisation, bibliothèque de livres rares et anciens du Séminaire de Québec, SQ016754


Transcription of pages 30-31


large filet without piercing the filet mignon with the spit, wrap it in heavy greased paper and cook on high. Generally served with a shallot sauce on the side.

BEEF boiled. – It is best to use beef culotte or only part of the culotte. Debone and tie the meat and put it in a stockpot with the carcasses, feet and necks of the poultry and game you stripped for your first courses. Boil the broth over high heat and skim. After the broth has boiled for a short while, add salt and all types of roots and as much garlic and clove as you like. Cook as indicated in the boiled dinner article. Remove the meat from the pot and serve it with sprigs of parsley branches with sauce hachée, an onion and vegetable garnish or small pasties. Note that for good boiled beef, you must sacrifice the broth: remove the pot from the heat once the meat is cooked. For good broth, the pot should stay on the fire until the meat begins to fall apart and has released all of its juices.