Secondary Cycle One | What's on your Plate

Secondary Cycle One | What's on your Plate

This pedagogical activity WHAT'S ON YOUR PLATE? aims to personally involve secondary cycle one students in a process to understand themselves, society, history and heritage through the virtual exhibition Sharing the Meal!

The activity is based on the foods and meals on our plates and provides an overview of the cultural mixes with Aboriginal, French and British traditions and the changes brought about by the arrival of many immigrant groups and globalization.

Capitalizing on the ways in which food is used to bring people together and celebrate, the activity incites students to become aware of how food can affirm personal, family, ethnic, religious and collective ideas and constitute a means to build social ties. It will encourage students to reflect on the elements of their food heritage that they wish to preserve and spark discussions.

The activity WHAT'S ON YOUR PLATE? is also available in PDF format (PDF, 2.1 MB).

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