Secondary Cycle Two, second year | Let's eat!

Secondary Cycle Two, second year | Let's eat!

This pedagogical activity LET’S EAT! aims to personally involve secondary cycle two students in a process to understand themselves, society, history and heritage through the virtual exhibition Sharing the Meal!

In connection with the theme Culture and currents of thought, this activity revisits the important periods in the history of Québec, from New France to the 21st century, from the perspective of contemporary food heritage. The foods and meals on our plates today are evidence of the cultural food contributions of the Aboriginal, French, British and immigrant traditions and the impacts of globalization.

Let’s eat! therefore seeks to bridge the past and present to better understand the current social and cultural issues on our plates. Students will reflect, articulate thoughts and take position. Certain topics will touch upon the concepts of affiliation and identity outlined in the Ethics and Religious Culture curriculum.

The activity LET’S EAT! is also available in PDF format (PDF, 2.1 MB).

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