Shout-out to the blender!

Video interview with Suzie Pelletier.
Duration: 41s
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The opening credit of Shout-out to the blender! The Pelletier-Yapo family introduces the clip. Cooking at the stove, Mrs. Suzy Pelletier explains:

“Well, if you’re in Africa, of course, it’s more traditional. You know, here, I have my peanut sauce that’s cooking. My tomato is about to dissolve and so is my eggplant. I should be about ready to strain the sauce. But normally, they take them out. You put in a round tomato, a big piece of eggplant and a whole onion and you let everything simmer together. When the sauce is pretty close to being done, they use a mortar to make it really smooth because there aren’t supposed to be any lumps in the peanut sauce. It’s supposed to be chicken with a fine smooth sauce. But this is Canada, so shout-out to the blender!”

Traditionally, in Mr. Yapo’s home country of Ivory Coast, the recipe for peanut sauce is simple but quite labour-intensive. Today, the blender simplifies the task!