Video interview with Suzy Pelletier concerning the newcomers.
Duration: 49 s
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The opening credit of Newcomers: The Pelletier-Yapo family appears. Mrs. Suzy Pelletier is standing at the kitchen counter. She is cutting bell peppers and talking about her personal experience.

I think it’s just in you. You’re just born with it, curiosity and everything. I remember… As far back as I can remember, when I was young, boat people were arriving. Vietnamese and Laotian people were arriving in my neighbourhood, you know, right in downtown Saint-Roch. I had never seen an immigrant in my whole life. That was over 40 years ago. I had never seen an immigrant, and I was fascinated. So I just followed them everywhere, I found out what they ate, I went to their homes. I saw what they ate and I was fascinated. And I tasted too. So I had it in me. But I had friends who looked at them as if they were aliens. There are two options: it either interests you or you just don’t give a…So, yeah, I think I just had it in me. 

How should we welcome newcomers to Québec? For Suzy Pelletier, immigrants must be met with openness and a sense of discovery…especially when it comes to the food in their plates!