Dinner with friends

Pelletier-Yapo | Québec

Mrs. Pelletier and Mr. Yapo serve up a meal with international flair.

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For Suzy Pelletier, Charles Yapo and their daughter, dinner is an international affair! The world is at their table in the Ivorian, Algerian, Dominican, Belgian and local dishes they serve and in their guests, whose friendly presence adds to the flavours of the meal. As Suzy Pelletier says: “Eating alone isn’t interesting.” 

Pelletier-Yapo family and their guests around the table. Pelletier-Yapo family and their guests
JouerVideo interview with Suzy Pelletier concerning the newcomers. Newcomers
JouerVideo interview with Suzie Pelletier. Shout-out to the blender!
Wood spatula from Côte d’Ivoire. Spatula
Knife sharpener. Knife sharpener
Wood mortar and pestle. Mortar and pestle