Video interview with Suzie Pelletier.
Duration: 1min 53s
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Standing at the kitchen counter, Mrs. Suzy Pelletier is busy cooking. In the background, people are talking and laughing. A young girl is eating at the table. Rhythmic music plays in the background.

[rhythmic music]



[Suzy Pelletier: When you cook and everyone eats together, your stress goes away. They’ll often say “Oh no, I don’t feel like it, I’m tired.” And I’ll say: “Come and have a glass of wine and we’ll talk and relax.” Then everyone ends up leaving at midnight.]

[rhythmic music]



The guests around the table toast to Charly and Suzie and their hard work.



The opening credit Dinner with friends, Pelletier-Yapo family, Québec appears. In the background, guests are toasting and rhythmic music is playing.



Standing at the kitchen counter, Mrs. Pelletier is talking into the camera. One of her guests cooks behind her.

Today, we’re having beef in cassava leaf sauce and chicken in peanut sauce. Both recipes are from Côte d’Ivoire.



While Mrs. Pelletier describes what she will be serving for dinner, the camera pans to the food: cassava and sauces bubbling on the stove, rice poured into a pot of water and the warm bell pepper and potato beet salads that are being prepared.

[So we have some cassava here to eat with the leaf sauce. There’s also rice. There is an Algerian warm bell pepper salad to nibble on as an appetizer. There’s also a Dominican potato and beet salad…]

[guests talk around the table]



Mrs. Pelletier continues to describe the meal. She hesitates and asks the guest cooking behind her for more information on her dish. The camera pans to the food: a chicory dish and a chicken dish.

…And Ch’ti is making…What’s it called again? Chicory…[Guest: With ham.] With ham… [Guest: Au gratin.] Au gratin. [Jean-Philippe brought chicken that we’re going to braise.]



Mrs. Pelletier continues as her guest cooks behind her. There is a young girl in the foreground.

To me, food is really important. If you invite me to eat at your place and the food isn’t good, you’ve just ruined my evening. I guess that’s why no one ever invites me!




Guests begin to fill their plates and the meal gets underway. Guests are talking and eating.

[rhythmic music]



Mrs. Pelletier continues. Holding a knife, she’s helping to prepare the food. The guest cooking in the background and the young girl are nearby.

[When I eat alone, I cook up an egg and some toast. It’s just not very interesting. I don’t really need anything. But when there are people over, I want things to be interesting and I love a good meal.]

It’s fun—talking and eating. They go together. A good meal and good people, they just go together.

[rhythmic music]

At the end of the clip, Mrs. Pelletier sets down her knife and cleans her work surface.

Dinner with friends

Pelletier-Yapo | Québec

Mrs. Pelletier and Mr. Yapo serve up a meal with international flair.

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For Suzy Pelletier, Charles Yapo and their daughter, dinner is an international affair! The world is at their table in the Ivorian, Algerian, Dominican, Belgian and local dishes they serve and in their guests, whose friendly presence adds to the flavours of the meal. As Suzy Pelletier says: “Eating alone isn’t interesting.” 

Pelletier-Yapo family and their guests around the table. Pelletier-Yapo family and their guests
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