Kneading machine

Video interview about the kneading machine.
Duration: 1min 30s
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The clip opens with the credit Bouidi family, Kneading machine. Mrs. Naïma Bouidi combines ingredients to make dough.

[Naïma Bouidi speaks in Arabic.]

[Naïma Bouidi: I’m adding some warm water.]

[Naïma Bouidi: I’m going to put it in the machine over there.]



In the kitchen with his young daughter and wife, Mr. Ahmed Bouidi talks about the kneading machine.

[Ahmed Bouidi: But at…in Morocco, families don’t have a machine. They do it all by hand.]



Mrs. Bouidi puts the dough in the machine. Mr. Bouidi talks about buying a kneading machine as his wife turns the machine on.

[Man: It makes life simpler.]

[Ahmed and Naïma Bouidi: Yes!]

[Ahmed Bouidi: Much simpler. Her mother, when she came here, she bought a big dual one…]

…A big one because she cooks for a big family. She bought other gifts, but that was the gift everyone loved most. It made things easier.

[kneading noise from the machine]



Mrs. Bouidi portions and rolls out the dough. She makes briouats, which she then puts in the oven.

[music, dishes clattering]

Living in a new country often means adapting old habits. Sometimes, new technologies can make it easier to prepare traditional recipes.