Video interview with Mr. Bouidi about breaking the fast.
Duration: 1min 54s
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In the kitchen, Mrs. Naïma Bouidi cooks and prepares food.

[percussions, music, crackling from the frying pan]



The clip opens with the credit Breaking the fast, Bouidi family, Montréal. In the kitchen, Mrs. Naïma Bouidi and Mr. Ahmed Bouidi explain Ramadan. Mrs. Bouidi makes briouats. Mr. Bouidi and his wife continue their explanation.

[Naïma Bouidi: During Ramadan, we see a lot of friends and family.]

[Ahmed Bouidi: Families especially eat together.]


-And, also, Ramadan itself is a month of giving. We give a lot.

[Ahmed Bouidi: For us, for example, you can prepare your meal and share it with others in need…]

[Naïma Bouidi: The neighbour, the less fortunate.]

[Ahmed Bouidi: The neighbour, people who have less or who don’t have the means to…to eat.]

We look forward to the next Ramadan.

[Naïma Bouidi: Yes.]

It’s true, we miss Ramadan a lot. It’s spiritual but it’s….Ask anyone, any Muslim: “How do you feel today now that Ramadan has ended?” They’ll say: “I hope Ramadan will come again next year.”




Mr. Ahmed Bouidi greets his guests.


- Salaam alaikum.

[Naïma Bouidi: Salaam alaikum.]

With their guests seated at the table, the Bouidis serve the meal and prepare to serve tea.

[voices, percussions, music]



Mr. and Mrs. Bouidi prepare to serve tea. There are various dishes on the table. With two of his guests, Mr. Bouidi discusses Ramadan.

[Ahmed Bouidi: Moroccans, they are half…half hospitality. We Moroccans are always like that.]

When we invite people, it’s…The meals, it’s practically the three meals of the day. There’s one for the fasting ritual, another at midnight and a third in the morning. But it’s more spiritual.

[music, child’s voice]



Sitting at the table, the men, including an imam, recite a prayer.

[Ahmed Bouidi: You know, while eating, you believe you’re doing something for God.]

[Guest: For God, yes.]

[Ahmed Bouidi: Just in thought, they think of God all the time.]

[prayer in Arabic, voices, music]

Breaking the fast

Bouidi | Montréal

For the Bouidi family, Ramadan combines spirituality and the pleasures of sharing a meal. 

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Ramadan calls for Muslims to fast during the day and feast at night. At elaborate meals to which family members, friends and neighbours are all invited, dishes that took all day to prepare are passed around the table. Ahmed Bouidi explains that the meals are not only about spirituality and the need for nourishment, since they are also about the joys of getting together with others and sharing with the community. 

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