Video interview with Mr. Yong about Chinese New Year.
Duration: 1min 35s
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The clip opens with images of the lion dance and of busy cooks in the kitchen. The credit Chinese New Year, Yong family, Québec, appears.

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In Mandarin, Mr. Yong describes the Chinese New Year celebrations. Seated at the tables, people eat and talk.

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For Chinese people living abroad, the New Year is a very important traditional holiday, since it’s the chance to get together and celebrate. During Chinese New Year, we think a lot about the parents and grandparents who are still in China.



There are images of the lion dance. People wait in line and fill their plates.

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Mr. Yong continues. As he speaks, the clip shows people of all ages eating and talking.

For some people, there are traditions tied to food. We have kept a few in Québec. For example, for New Year, many Chinese families get together to prepare Chinese dishes. They share the meal and then watch Chinese television and the New Year’s celebrations.



The clip ends with images of the lion dance.

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Chinese New Year

Yong | Québec

The Yong family gathers in a restaurant to celebrate New Year with the Chinese community.

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Whether they’ve recently arrived, like the Yong family, or have lived in the city for a long time, members of Québec’s Chinese community get together in a restaurant every year to celebrate Chinese New Year with great pageantry. Typical dishes from across China are served, and the celebration is an opportunity for community members to get together. The lion arrives to the sound of beating drums. The highlight of the meal is when the lion devours a green cabbage—a symbolic moment in terms of food culture, identity and social cohesion.

Mother and child at the Lion Dance. Lion Dance
Mr. Yong, his wife and their son. Yong family
Chopsticks. Chopsticks
Steam cooking. Steam cooking
Teapot and two cups. Teapot
JouerLion dance – 360-degree video Chinese New Year – 360-degree video