Very, very, very good

Video interview with Marlène Dufour about preserves.
Duration: 1min 26s
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The clip opens with the credit Dufour family, Very, very, very good! Mrs. Marlaine Dufour and her family make gift baskets of preserves.

[Marlaine Dufour: The children have been working for a few years now and they don’t have as much time. So I always make big baskets of preserves. I make beets, pickles, ketchup, marinades…I make onion confit….They leave here with a big, big basket. And it makes me happy.]




Mrs. Dufour sets jars in a box. The clip shows jars labeled “Peach jam (Martha)”.

[Marlaine’s daughter: Isabelle, she put some in her cereal and ate it…]

[glass jars clattering]



The clip shows jars labeled “Marinated cauliflower and carrots”. Sitting at the table, Mrs. Dufour continues.

[Marlaine Dufour: I make the old preserves my grandmother used to make, but I also make new ones.]

The clip shows jars labeled “Dill pickles”, “Pumpkin marmalade” and “Four pepper jelly”. Mrs. Dufour then identifies the jars on one of the four trays. The labels are made and affixed on the jars. She continues.

Because, I know that, my children, they cook differently from my grandmother, my mother and me. They are much more modern, they have much less time. Us, in our time, we didn’t have tofu and everything they have today. So I adapt my preserves. They are very happy to have my beets, my jams, my pickles, but I know that, for them, it’s very important to have new things. So I make onion confit or things with port.

[Marlaine Dufour (background): Dill pickles, marinated eggplant, green ketchup, jelly…um… pepper butter, peach jam.]

[Marlaine Dufour: I wasn’t used to these things but I’m learning about them, and I think I do a good job because I always say to them: “If there’s something you don’t like, if you want me to improve on something, just tell me and, next year, I’ll make it a different way.]

But they always say: “It’s so good, Maman.” So I keep making it, and I keep the recipe and write down “very, very, very good!” [laughter]

Modern life can sometimes hinder certain culinary traditions. But Marlaine Dufour works hard to compensate by making preserves for her children, who sometimes suggest that she add a few modern twists to her old family recipes.