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Four generations of Mrs. Dufour’s family prepare an extravagant Christmas feast with 30 desserts!

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Nothing makes Marlaine Dufour happier than bringing her entire family together for Christmas. Four generations pitch in to prepare a sumptuous feast: authentic Lac-Saint-Jean tourtière (meat pie), turkey, broad bean soup and some 30 desserts! At a richly decorated table, Mrs. Dufour takes great joy in sharing the magic of Christmas with the younger generations. 

JouerVideo interview with Mrs Dufour about recipes inherited from her family. Fox meat balls
JouerVideo interview with Marlène Dufour about the tourtière. Tourtière du Lac-Saint-Jean
JouerVideo interview with Marlène Dufour about preserves. Very, very, very good
Christmas dishware. Christmas dishware
Tourtière pan. Tourtière pan
Collection of recipes. Collection of recipes
Recipe card. Recipe card
Turkey Thanksgiving sauceboat. Thanksgiving sauceboat
Two dessert plates. Dessert plates