Video interview with Marlène Dufour about Christmas.
Duration: 2 min
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Two women set and decorate the table. Mrs. Marlaine Dufour shares her Christmas memories.

From my grandmothers more than from my mother herself. My grandmothers would cook for the entire family. Back then, families were big. So the tables stayed set all day. It went from the kitchen to the end of the living room, and there were so many things and such elaborate dishes. And it was fun. It was when we all got together.

[children playing, plates clattering]



The clip opens with the credit Christmas dinner, Dufour family, Saint-Boniface-de-Shawinigan. People prepare dishes, cut and season meats and vegetables and cook. A man and a woman prepare desserts.

[Marlaine Dufour: We make this every year. It’s tourtière du Lac-Saint-Jean…]

[Marlaine Dufour (background): I’m pretty sure he told me he didn’t kill any this year.]

[Marlaine Dufour: There’s turkey, meat pies and…We always make mashed potatoes, vegetables, like, mixed vegetables. We make broad bean soup every year. And just so many desserts. I have…We make at least 28 or 30 for sure. We make a lot, a lot, a lot of desserts!]




Mrs. Dufour describes her desserts. She cooks with one of the children.

I make the desserts that take the longest before they arrive, but, most of the time, it’s while they’re here. So I can enjoy the grandchildren at the same time. They taste everything and I tell them: “Grand-maman will help you.” And having…Having so many!”



Two women set desserts on a platter. Sitting at the table, guests eat and talk.

[Woman 1: Well, I can help you by eating one! I’d be happy to!]

[Woman 2: OK, here.]

[Woman 1: Woohoo!]

[Marlaine Dufour: Are we missing any soup?]

[Woman: We’re missing three.]

[voices, plates clattering]



In the kitchen, two women plate food. At the table, a dozen guests eat and talk. They serve and eat the desserts—especially the yule log.

[Marlaine Dufour: You may find it a bit old fashioned, but I think that the…the…the…term, the real one, is the love that we share together. Because that’s what it’s about, the smiles and the hugs, they…Of course, the food is part of that, but it’s being all here together and sharing so many things. That’s what it’s really about. And that’s why, to me, it’s so important. It’s seeing my little ones all together and happy. To me, that’s…the essence.]

[voices, laughter]


Dufour | Saint-Boniface-de-Shawinigan

Four generations of Mrs. Dufour’s family prepare an extravagant Christmas feast with 30 desserts!

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Nothing makes Marlaine Dufour happier than bringing her entire family together for Christmas. Four generations pitch in to prepare a sumptuous feast: authentic Lac-Saint-Jean tourtière (meat pie), turkey, broad bean soup and some 30 desserts! At a richly decorated table, Mrs. Dufour takes great joy in sharing the magic of Christmas with the younger generations. 

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