Living on the territory

Video interview with Julienne Dominique about living on the territory.
Duration: 57s
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The clip begins with the credit Dominique Family, Living on the territory. Mrs. Julienne Dominique explains what it means to live on the territory.

Well, living on the territory? It’s practicing our culture. Us, we’ve always come here with my parents, ever since we were born. They’ve been here for 50 years and they always come either for the geese or to hunt beaver….for [Yvonne Dominique: Or hare]…yes, or hare. It was to fill the freezers for the summer. Then in fall, they did it all again for meat.



Julienne Dominique continues.

I hunt small game: hare, partridge. I’ve been hunting moose for four years, and I kill my moose every year.



With her mother Yvonne, Mrs. Julienne Dominique continues. Two dogs walk around the women, who are sitting outdoors in a camp.

I always saw my grandmother hunt because she lost her husband and she…she had to feed her family. She hunted moose, too. I guess I caught the bug! [laughter] I hunt too.

For Julienne Dominique, the spring and fall hunts are meant to gather meat for the year. But on a more personal level, they remind her of her very resourceful grandmother.