Heritage under threat

Video interview with Julienne Dominique about traditions.
Duration: 1 min 19 s
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The clip opens with the credit Dominique family, Heritage under threat. Two people truss pieces of meat and hang them on a structure above a fire. A dozen adults and children are present.

[Julienne Dominique: No, it’s authentic; it’s what our ancestors used to do—the cooking methods they showed us. And it’s different in each family, how they cook, because we were raised differently in each family. We have to keep this tradition alive and not lose it.]

[sounds of crickets, crackling fire, voices]



Sitting outdoors, Mrs. Julienne Dominique continues.

Young people today, it’s as if they don’t really care about what we knew before, what our parents taught us.

[voices, children playing]



In the clip, a man kisses a smoked goose hanging from twine. Two people put logs on the fire. Hung with twine above the fire, pieces of poultry are cooking. Standing around two tables, seven people debone and cut up the meat. Mrs. Dominique continues. Everyone is outdoors.

[Julienne Dominique: Maybe we’re the ones; we don’t have time to pass things on to our children since we’re always working. But it’s important that groups try to teach the children…so we don’t lose our heritage from our ancestors and parents. I think that we’re slowly losing it. But if the whole community gets together and does something…]

I think that we could restore hope that the culture will survive.

[voices, laughing, children playing, footsteps, crackling fire, sounds of crickets]

Innu families prepare goose meat according to strict traditional methods. But can these traditions survive in a world that is in quick and constant evolution?