Video interview with Julienne Dominique about bannock.
Duration: 55s
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After the opening credit Dominique family, Bannock, the clip shows how bannock is made by hand and cooked on a wood stove. Then, some 15 men and women cook the bannock outdoors on wood stoves. Finally, sitting outdoors, Mrs. Julienne Dominique talks about bannock.



[Julienne Dominique: This is the bread that…that our parents showed us, our grandparents. It’s flour, baking powder, salt and water. And we cook it in…on a wood stove or in the oven when we’re at home. There are several ways to cook it. You can cook it in sand: you make a big fire in the sand so it gets hot, you take out the embers and make a little space for the bannock and then you bury it in hot sand and cover it with embers. You cook it about 40 to 45 minutes. Then, you have to scrape off the sand and the whole surface. And then it’s ready to eat!]

[sounds of crickets, crackling fire, voices]

The traditional bread of many Aboriginal families, bannock can be prepared quickly using various methods. In fact, there is even a bannock making competition for young people at the spring gatherings.