Video interview with Mrs. Dominique about the mukushan.
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Several dozen people gather outdoors. Accompanied by an older woman, Mrs. Julienne Dominique discusses the significance of the hunt. Both women are sitting outdoors.

The most important hunt for this gathering is the goose hunt. But this year, they’re late in arriving. So, in the meantime, my brothers, they left to hunt beaver to have meat for the summer because we don’t hunt beaver in the summer.




Before the credit Spring gathering, Dominique family, Mashteuiatsh, the images show men and women preparing and serving food. With her mother Yvonne, Mrs. Dominique describes mukushan.

[Julienne Dominique: Many years ago, each family provided food. One family made beaver; another made moose. Now, today, one family makes the entire mukushan. But it’s…it’s a spring gathering.]




Some 15 young boys and girls stand outdoors talking. Men and women are preparing meat and food. A young boy and a young girl walk with their parents.

[Julienne Dominique: It brings all Mashteuiatsh families together. During the hunt, we always have a meeting like this, even during the goose hunt. And we always have mukushan on Saturday after the walking out ceremony, which takes place first. Then, there’s mukushan for everyone here at Pehkupessekau.]



Dozens of people wait in line and are served food. Mrs. Dominique and others walk to their camps, past children playing. 

[Julienne Dominique: Every year, people keep coming, and it’s as if it gets bigger and bigger. More and more people come. But this year, I didn’t think there would be so many people since there aren’t any geese.]

[voices, crackling fire, clapping, children playing, birds singing]



While children play outdoors, members of the Dominique family cook in their tent. There are activities, games and exhibitions. Some people cook bannock. Sitting outdoors, Mrs. Dominique continues.

[Julienne Dominique: Sharing and coming together and…it’s a chance for us to…All of the families get to see each other to talk about the year and…]


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[Julienne Dominique: We still see each other from time to time, but this is bigger, and it’s a big family. And people who aren’t from our community are welcome too—those who want to find out what our culture is about. They’re welcome.]

We are always here to explain our traditions and how we live in the forest.

[voices, children playing, clapping, laughing]


Dominique | Mashteuiatsh

Mrs. Dominique explains mukushan, the community spring feast in Mashteuiatsh.

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Held annually by the Ilnuatsh of Mastheuiatsh, mukushan, a communal feast during the spring gathering, is a traditional meal to which all Ilnu and non-Ilnu community members are invited. Julienne Dominique’s family takes part in this great get-together, which also involves games and competitions of all types. But the hunt on the traditional territory, Nitassinan, truly launches the festivities. It’s a time for happy reunions! 

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