A Christmas tradition

Video interview about british Christmas traditions.
Duration: 1 min 2s
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The clip opens with the credit Meredith family, A Christmas tradition. Mr. David Mendel and Mrs. Helen Meredith discuss Christmas traditions.



- It’s a Christmas tradition, absolutely. [Helen Meredith: Absolutely!] There are… For Christmas dinner, there’s turkey, of course, and different families make different vegetables. But in terms of British traditions, there’s the Christmas cake, mince pie and special sauces…Hard sauce, how would you describe it?

- Oh, yeah! Well, it’s butter, sugar and brandy…Not complicated! [laughter]

- Yes, it’s very good! My mother also makes a cognac sauce. So, we eat all those things at Christmas.

- That’s to go with your plum pudding?

- Yes, with plum pudding. Plum pudding is very British, of course…flambé. So, often, if there’s a big Christmas dinner and we’re lucky, there’ll be…If people want to make that many desserts, that’s what we eat.

- Yes.

- Traditionally, my mother made all those things for…She’s older now, but she’d make them when we were…Although, Aunt Fry made the mince…[Helen Meredith: Yes.] pie. So that was done, my mother didn’t have to do everything! 

British Christmas traditions thrive in Helen Meredith and her cousin David Mendel’s family, especially in their desserts and in particular in their fruitcake, which will certainly seem familiar to many French-speaking families.