Mincemeat to share

Video interview about sharing the mincemeat.
Duration: 1min 47s
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The clip opens with the credit Meredith family, Mincemeat to share. Mrs. Helen Meredith talks with Mr. David Mendel and then discusses mincemeat.

You were telling me that when you were young, your great-aunt would bring mince pie. [David: Exactly!] But I don’t make mince pie; I make mincemeat. Then, they can make their own pies or do whatever they want with it. [David: Right, right.] So it’s a bit…Yes, it’s still mincemeat to share.



Mr. Mendel continues.

Right. So, she’d make a big pie that she’d bring with her when she visited our house and other members of the family. We used to call it “Aunt Fry’s mincemeat pie” because she’s the one who’d bring it. But, traditionally, in the family, it was called the Rosedale recipe because it was there, in Toronto, that the family lived in the 19th century. So, there you have it!



Mrs. Meredith continues.

Now, when I make mincemeat, I share it with family members. I helped members of our extended family discover it. I even send it by mail to England to Merediths…Merediths who have moved to England. I send it to New Brunswick; I bring some to cousins in Montréal. I give some to…Who do I give some to? To you. Sometimes, I give some to friends because they know I make it and it’s a labour-intensive recipe, so not everyone makes it. In the weeks just before Christmas, they run to find some to buy. And the mincemeat you buy in stores isn’t necessarily as good as homemade. So sometimes friends will say: “Oh, you make some! Can I have some?” So, occasionally I give some away. And it depends…I sometimes have other friends who want some. But I always…It goes to family.



Sitting with Mrs. Meredith, Mr. Mendel continues.

And it’s funny that it’s an English family that came here in the 1820s and now there’s a branch of the family in England and we send our recipe to the rest of Canada and England! [Helen Meredith: To England!] [laughter]



Sitting with Mr. Mendel, Mrs. Meredith concludes.

For a while, they would send me ingredients for the mincemeat, so it’s a bit of an exchange. But now, I find the ingredients here. But now I just send them the mincemeat because I like them a lot.

Delicious foods prepared with care are always better when they’re shared. The Meredith family even dispatches its traditional mincemeat around the world!