Salchipapa : Like a big poutine!

Video interview with Mr. Baldovino about the salchipapa.
Duration: 28s
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The clip opens with the credit Baldovino family, Salchipapa: Like a big poutine! Jorge stands outside with friends and family. He describes salchipapa.

It’s actually fries, pieces of sausage, sliced. We also add strips of chicken and beef. Corn, too. We don’t have poutine sauce, so we put ketchup, mustard, honey and all that. Also lettuce if you want. And it’s all piled on, like a big poutine! And it’s…it’s really good. It’s called salchipapa. But there’s a lot of variety, all different kinds.

[voices, laughter, children playing

It’s difficult to imagine Québec cuisine without poutine. But did you know that there are other recipes from around the world that call for piling different ingredients on a plate of French fries? In the Baldovino home, they call it salchipapa!