Arepa de huevo

Video interview with Mrs. Baldovino during the cooking of arepa de huevo.
Duration: 1 min 32 s
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The clip opens with the credit Baldovino family, Arepa de huevo. In the kitchen, Mrs. Isabel Baldovino kneads and shapes dough.

I don’t…I don’t weigh it because I gauge it by hand, like this. Today, it’s easy to make them. My grandmother always made them by hand like this, like this, like this. Until they’re the right size. OK. Otherwise, they won’t puff up.




Standing in the kitchen, her son Jorge describes arepas de huevo. Behind him, Mrs. Baldovino continues to prepare the arepa.  

We eat them anytime, but most often for breakfast on the weekend. [Isabel Baldovino: Yes.] See, the baby you saw before, he comes every weekend: “ Mami, I want arepas de huevo.” [laughing] That’s what he wants. He’ll eat two or three if he can.

[Jorge: Traditionally, they put in the egg. They break it. But the others, they…they just can’t wait. It goes fast. And the egg is just, like, a whole normal egg in your plate but it’s in the arepa.]



Mrs. Baldovino cooks an arepa at the stove and finishes her explanation.

If it doesn’t puff up, it’s not, it’s not…it’s not good. Now it’s golden, and that tells me that it’s ready. Not the thermometer [laughing]. It’s my eyes. 

The Baldovinos, who are newcomers to Québec, continue to cook recipes that remind them of Colombia, like arepas de huevo. The egg patties are always popular around the table…even with the youngest family member, who was born here!