Summer get-together

Baldovino | Victoriaville

Colombian specialities take centre stage at Mrs. Baldovino’s summer get-together!

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Plates of hotdogs are passed around at a summer get-together for friends and family organized by Isabel Baldovino and her son Jorge. But guests especially enjoy the traditional Colombian dishes that have always been part of the Baldovino’s family cooking. Will the recipes endure now that the family has emigrated? The techniques remain the same, but what about the ingredients? 

JouerVideo interview with Mr. Baldovino about the salchipapa. Salchipapa : Like a big poutine!
JouerVideo interview with Mrs. Baldovino during the cooking of arepa de huevo. Arepa de huevo
Guests to the summer get-together in the backyard. Summer get-together
Pataconera (cooking tool). Pataconera
A woman making hot chocolate with a type of spoon-spatula hybrid. Making hot chocolate
Mortar and pestle surrounded with a tomato, garlic and manioc. Mortar and pestle