Wine for all

Video interview about making wine and the donations to the community.
Duration: 42s
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The clip opens with the credit Pereira family, Wine for all. Standing outside, Mr. José Pereira explains how the wine is made.

We make our own wine for the feast. We go to Marché Central on Crémazie and we buy, for instance, 150 cases of grapes. That’s in September. The first of the month…The first week of September until the end of October, that’s when the grapes come in from California and that’s what we buy. Well, the organization buys the grapes, we crush the grapes and make a good wine. It’s the wine we share a year later. 

For many southern European cultures, wine is essential at important celebrations and in daily life. During the Feast of the Holy Spirit, wine is among the foods and beverages donated by the community. Even in our northern land, the tradition was adapted to ensure its continuity.