Holy Spirit

Video interview describing the Holy Spirit Feast.
Duration: 1min 27s
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The clip opens with the credit Pereira family, Holy Spirit. Standing outside, Mr. José Pereira describes the Feast of the Holy Spirit

In the Azores, we…There are people who give steers, if you will. Live animals. And they…For a year, people, farmers, will raise the steers for free for the feast. So it’s quite a labour-intensive strategy, but everyone contributes by helping to prepare for the event. In the steward’s last week, the animals are killed—we’ll say sacrificed, right? They’re killed and cut up, and the meat is distributed to community members.

Here, in Canada, we use a more…a more modern mode of transportation. But back home we use ox carts. They’re all decorated with flowers. It’s really very nice. It lasts longer. Then, in the cart, there’s a barrel of wine. The barrel is tapped and each house receives some wine. Young people will bring wine and bread. They enter the homes, and people thank them because they believe that the Holy Spirit entered the house to bless them. There you go!

José Pereira explains how the Portuguese community on Montréal’s north shore takes care of its members during the Feast of the Holy Spirit. The donations that are prepared are very important to the celebrations.