Video interview with Mr. Pereira about the Feast of the Holy Spirit.
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Standing outside, Mr. José Pereira describes the Feast of the Holy Spirit. There are dozens of tables under a tent. People talk and eat. Mr. Pereira continues.

Whether it’s Joe Blow, whoever, black or white, everyone is welcome. Everyone eats and drinks for free. It lasts all day until the evening. Around 10 or 11 p.m., a new steward is elected. He’s the one who’ll be in charge of organizing next year’s feast.

[voices, fanfare]



The clip opens with the credit Feast of the Holy Spirit, Pereira family, Sainte-Thérèse. Adults, children and a marching band prepare for the procession in the streets. People assemble outside a tent.

[José Pereira: There are seven domingas—seven Sundays. But it’s actually seven weeks of activities. The feast is on the Sunday of the seventh week. The…]

Well, it’s the biggest feast of all. And it starts with a procession.

[José Pereira: It a big, big day. A bit like Saint-Jean-Baptiste. It’s a celebration that isn’t organized by the Church. It’s a pagan feast. It’s organized by common people. They organize it to celebrate the Feast of the Holy Spirit in their own way.]

[voices, children playing]



Sitting at the tables under the tent, people talk and eat. Others prepare and serve soup.

[José Pereira: We call that the soup. But it’s really everyday soup. It’s beef, very ordinary things. It’s vegetables, like potatoes and cabbage. There won’t be any carrots, for example. They’re not part…It’s a traditional meal.]

It’s been the same for three or four hundred years. They continued to maintain the same line…the same recipe, if you want.

[fanfare, music, voices]



People prepare and cook food. Participants and the marching band walk in the procession. The clip ends with images of doves being released from a basket.

[José Pereira: The feast is about sharing, so I eat what everyone else eats. If he’s a millionaire, he’ll eat the same thing I do. So there’s no difference, because it’s people who either gave donations to share or, if something’s missing, everyone contributes. It’s generally donations and everyone is equal. There’s no VIP here.]

[fanfare, music, voices, clapping]

Holy Spirit Feast

Pereira | Sainte-Thérèse

Mr. Pereira explains how the Feast of the Holy Spirit celebrates community ties.

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Everyone is welcome as the Portuguese community celebrates the Feast of the Holy Spirit. The intention is to share with others and help the less fortunate. José Pereira, who is originally from the Azores, explains that “no one is a VIP” at the celebrations. The Feast is organized for and by the common people. Baskets of meat, savoury and sweet breads and wine are prepared and distributed. There is also a procession and food for everyone. There’s nothing like the comfort of a community kitchen! 

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