Holy Spirit Feast

Pereira | Sainte-Thérèse

Mr. Pereira explains how the Feast of the Holy Spirit celebrates community ties.

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Everyone is welcome as the Portuguese community celebrates the Feast of the Holy Spirit. The intention is to share with others and help the less fortunate. José Pereira, who is originally from the Azores, explains that “no one is a VIP” at the celebrations. The Feast is organized for and by the common people. Baskets of meat, savoury and sweet breads and wine are prepared and distributed. There is also a procession and food for everyone. There’s nothing like the comfort of a community kitchen! 

JouerVideo interview describing the Holy Spirit Feast. Holy Spirit
JouerVideo interview about making wine and the donations to the community. Wine for all
Three women in front of the bread given during the Feast. Donated bread
Two women serving the meal. Soup for all
Mr. Pereira and his wife. Community feast
JouerPortuguese meal under the marquee – 360-degree video Portuguese meal under the marquee – 360-degree video