Taking the time

Video interview about the importance of taking the time to transmit cooking method.
Duration: 37s
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The opening credit Perreault family, Taking the time appears. Mr. Carl Perreault and Mrs. Claudia Trudel are talking.  



-We’re very, as I was saying, manual [Claudia Trudel: We’re sensitive.], so our senses, we try to develop them. And even if I don’t have the greatest sense of smell, when I can take the time to smell thyme, I breathe it in and think “Ah! This is what thyme smells like…” And I also let him take the time: “Breathe in the thyme, smell it.”

-To soak up scents.

-In the end, you know, those moments make him want to know more, because, of course, he’s extremely curious. He’s five, six years old now. So, for me, I can take the time to rediscover things. In a way, I use him to revisit and re-experience things. 

It is possible to transmit cooking methods and knowledge through simple gestures, like stopping to appreciate the smell of thyme.