Dinner time is sacred

Video interview with Claudia Trudel about dinner time.
Duration: 39s
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The opening credit Kids’ party, Perreault family, Québec, Dinner time is sacred appears. Claudia Trudel discusses her family’s dinner time.



Dinner time is sacred. The TV is placed so no one can see it while we’re eating. We don’t have a TV in the dining room [Carl Perreault: Or in the kitchen.]. We like to talk to each other. In the morning or at lunch, we may allow it; or in the kitchen when everyone is doing their own thing. But no matter what, dinner time is…It’s together and we talk. On Friday night, we’ll have a little…like, pizza or a lighter supper, even macaroni and cheese. Something that isn’t as heavy that we can eat together in the living room while watching a movie. It’s…we’ve been doing that for a while.

The Perreault family doesn’t have dinner in front of the TV. Instead, members sit at the table and eat together…except maybe on Friday nights as a treat!