Video showing a kids’ party.
Duration: 2:14 min
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[Carl Perreault: Here we go!]

Should we start singing soon?

Claudia Trudel and children are carrying a birthday cake with candles. They’re singing Happy Birthday to Mathieu Perreault.

[guests singing Happy Birthday]



The opening credit Kids’ party, Perreault family, Québec appears. Mrs. Trudel and the children sing.




You know, I’m not even sure he knows what we’ve got planned.



An electric mixer blends cake batter.

[voices of a man and a child, noise from the mixer]



Children and parents gather in the kitchen. A grandfather kisses his grandson.

[Carl Perreault: To us, the birthday cake is very important so that every year…So that he remembers the cake. And we photograph it. We want to immortalize it.]



  • Should we add a bit of yellow there? Or it doesn’t matter?
  • Add some.
  • Add some? We’ll add some.

Women and children are assembling the cake. Children of all ages and their parents are at the party.



The most important thing is that he has fun at his birthday party and makes a craft he wouldn’t normally make since we wouldn’t take the time to say: “OK, this weekend, this is our theme.” We try to find something special and we adapt the cake to the activity.

[voices of children and parents, noise coming from the kitchen]



The children are making crafts, women are decorating the cake, a boy is preparing fruit skewers and a young girl is playing with a ball. With their parents’ help, the children are trying on and wearing their costumes.

[children’s voices]



Voilà! Fruit skewers!



[Claudia Trudel: Are you making your birthday cake, Mathieu?]



[noise from a drill]



[Claudia Trudel: We often go to kids’ parties where parents drop off their child and leave.]

[children’s voices, noise from a scooter]

We like to involve the parents and have them stay with us.



Children and parents around the table sing Happy Birthday to Mathieu.

[guests singing Happy Birthday]



Sharing a meal is an event. It’s enjoyable; it’s sacred.

[guests singing Happy Birthday]



[Claudia Trudel: I think you should help him, right?]

With the help of his friends, Mathieu blows out the candles on his birthday cake.

[guests singing Happy Birthday, children’s voices, clapping]


Kids’ party

Perreault | Québec

At Mathieu Perreault’s birthday party, children prepare the meal and cake together.

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At Mathieu Perreault’s fifth birthday, children have fun building cardboard cars and robots and eating fruit skewers that they helped prepare. Soon, it’ll be time to serve the cake: a collective baking project that called for a dash of energy and imagination. Carl Perreault and Claudia Trudel will even take a photo of the cake for posterity, right before guests chime in with the traditional Happy Birthday song!

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