Eggs in maple syrup

Video interview with Maurice Buisson about eggs in maple syrup.
Duration: 51s
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The clip opens with the credit Buisson family, Eggs in maple syrup. Standing outside, Mr. Maurice Buisson and his wife Lucienne speak about their family. There is snow on the ground.


Well, me, my grandparents were originally from Québec. I’m sure it’s something of theirs. My father, when we moved to Haywood, we were about eight or nine miles from the village. And, in the winter, the roads were blocked and you had to ride to the village. But, in the spring, my father would always wait for one of his cousins in Québec who’d send him a gallon of maple syrup.

For my father, that was really important. It’s the first thing he’d do in the spring: he’d go to the post office for his gallon of syrup. And he liked cooking eggs in maple syrup. That’s something that us, our family, we never liked. The children never liked that tradition. But it’s something my father had done with his parents, and he just always kept up the tradition.

[voices, ringing sound, children playing]

When Maurice Buisson’s grandfather left Québec for Manitoba, maple syrup helped him keep precious ties to his native province. So did a recipe that his children just can’t bring themselves to appreciate!