Video interview with Mr. Buisson about the Festival du voyageur.
Duration: 1min 25s
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Two men play the spoons. Standing outside in front of a festival tent, a man and a woman discuss the event. There is snow on the ground.

Just, the atmosphere…The atmosphere helps a lot with…When we eat, we have fun.

[spoons, voices]



The clip opens with the credit Festival du voyageur, Buisson family, Winnipeg. Participants prepare and serve dishes, people are eating and musicians play as festivalgoers line up to enter the festival tent.

[noise from the kitchen, singing, traditional music (violin)]



A woman, young girls and a young boy help serve the meals. Outside, Mr. and Mrs. Buisson continue.

Yes, I think it’s important. We try to pass it down to our children. They’ve volunteered since the beginning, when they were young. And now, it’s not just our children, it’s our grandchildren who started the tradition of coming to help us at the festival every year.

[traditional music, clapping, voices]



A man watches the maple syrup, which is starting to boil. Standing outside, Mr. and Mrs. Buisson continue.

I think that the people who come year after year and who taste the product will come back each year…they come back. The taste is better! [laughter] The colder it is, the better things taste, I think! [laughter]

[traditional music, voices]



Maple syrup is poured onto the snow. A young girl and a boy take wooden sticks to roll the taffy. The girl turns to the boy.

OK, let’s go!

[spoons, traditional music, voices]

Festival du voyageur

Buisson | Saint-Boniface, Manitoba

Mr. Buisson invites you to the world’s largest kitchen party to celebrate the French-Canadian traveler’s spirit.


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Dubbed the world’s largest kitchen party, the Festival du voyageur honours the traveler’s spirit of the founders of Manitoba’s French-Canadian community. Maurice Buisson’s family has helped organize the event for three generations. For Mr. Buisson, it is very important to transmit culinary traditions to his children and grandchildren, who also volunteer at the festival and “learn about life”. 

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