Festival du voyageur

Buisson | Saint-Boniface, Manitoba

Mr. Buisson invites you to the world’s largest kitchen party to celebrate the French-Canadian traveler’s spirit.


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Dubbed the world’s largest kitchen party, the Festival du voyageur honours the traveler’s spirit of the founders of Manitoba’s French-Canadian community. Maurice Buisson’s family has helped organize the event for three generations. For Mr. Buisson, it is very important to transmit culinary traditions to his children and grandchildren, who also volunteer at the festival and “learn about life”. 

JouerVideo interview about maple syrup production in Manitoba. Getting sap from the maples
JouerVideo interview with Maurice Buisson about eggs in maple syrup. Eggs in maple syrup
Men is pouring maple taffy on the snow. Festival du voyageur
Boiling maple syrup. Maple syrup
Two children rolling up maple taffy on a stick. Maple taffy
Tasting of pea soup. Pea soup
Baked beans dish with meat pie and bread. Baked beans