The tools of good taste - Waffle iron

The tools of good taste

A recipe depends on ingredients but also on the actions and tools required for it to take shape. Certain simple objects such as bowls, mixing spoons, graters and knives have been used for generations by all peoples. Tools like the butter churn have become outdated, while others were transformed with the emergence of new technologies. 

Any good cook will tell you: vegetables chopped in a food processor aren’t quite the same as vegetables chopped with a knife and food heated in a microwave isn’t exactly like food heated on a stove. But the changes can be positive, since the final result may be more consistent and involve less prep time: a mixer whips cream a lot faster than a hand whisk!

As technologies evolve, the culinary arts make it possible to preserve the flavours of old and introduce novel preparation methods, keeping our food heritage alive, dynamic and undoubtedly adapted to contemporary realities.

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Cooking tools in the Dupuis frères catalogue. Utensils
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Artisanal waffle iron showing floral ornamentations. Waffle iron