Pay it forward- Metal table kettle

Pay it forward

As gifts, souvenirs or heirlooms, objects embody memories and emotions: great-grandmother’s silver platter for Christmas desserts, a decorative antique bread mixer, a richly ornate tagine brought back from North Africa 50 years ago, the pot mom always uses to make her fruit ketchup…They also express our food heritage.

Cooking items may affirm the continuance of a family’s identity, enduring ties to a country or region of origin and the transmission of food traditions. They represent recipes, anecdotes and, most importantly, the memory of those who used them.

The items are a comfort and convey our connection with the past through the actions repeated by generations of family members at the stove or at the table.

In some way, they may even give more flavour to the food.

Knife sharpener. Knife sharpener
La cuisine simplifiée cookbook La cuisine simplifiée cookbook
Two dessert plates. Dessert plates
Flatware in its chest. Flatware
Glassware : tray, jug, cup. Glassware
Table metal kettle. Kettle
Jourdain-Fiset family dining room. Dining room