Tasty terroirs - Cheese knife

Tasty terroirs

Local products are more than just foods. They communicate the histories and cultures of specific regions and the skills of local producers and give depth, diversity and meaning to what we eat.

The hundreds of Québec cheeses, fine charcuteries, smoked fish, honeys and fruit jellies, maple sugar, artisanal beers and ice ciders add new elements to our heritage and gastronomy.

Local products help new Québecers discover and take part in our society. For tourists, local products are a way to taste the culture of the places they visit and serve as souvenirs. 

JouerVideo interview with Hélène Raymond about terroir. Our terroir
Cheddar knife with a wood handle and long metal rods. Cheddar knife
Circular wood cheese mold painted in blue. Cheese mold
Two persons in front of a snowy orchard. Ice cider
An adult and two children with their wild mushroom harvest. Wild mushroom
Twelve small dishes containing boreal spices of Quebec. Boreal forest
Three women cleaning and drying cedar, Labrador tea and wild cranberries. Labrador tea
Charcuterie drying room. Charcuterie
Three small jar of whitefish caviar. Whitefish caviar