Eating local

Video interview with Hélène Raymond about the movement "eating local".
Duration: 1 min 14 s
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The title Eating local appears. Journalist and author Hélène Raymond speaks into the camera.



For many people, eating local is integrating citizen concerns into the foods they eat. It’s buying from a farmer through community-supported agriculture and getting your weekly basket of fruits and vegetables, going to social and public markets, supporting smaller-scale regional agriculture. In many cases, it reflects the consumers’ desire to know what they’re eating. It’s a response to the concerns of the many people who are seeking to support the farmers who feed them. All of these things occur in the margins of broader food phenomena but they still contribute to the current food dynamic and, in my opinion, they influence large supermarkets. There are efforts to develop better ties with producers. People are pressuring for more local foods. This stems from smaller initiatives that are taking place everywhere, not just here. It’s certainly happening in the United States, it’s also happening in Europe—this dynamic, this urban reflection by people who want to rediscover their ties to the land or just stay connected to the people who feed them. 

Besides being delicious, eating local has a social impact: it supports the community and a more modest and accessible concept of agriculture.