Biting into places

In Québec, regional specialities have long histories. In an era when modernity and uniformity have become synonymous, Québecers are taking renewed pleasure in local foods. Radio-Canada journalist and author Hélène Raymond explains.

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The foods we eat tell the stories of the places they came from. They transport us to exotic lands and remind us of our holidays, childhood, loved ones and roots. They communicate the passion of food producers and territorial histories.

Gaspésie has cipaille (sea-pie), Montréal has bagels and Côte-Nord has snow crab…Certain foods are forever part of the traditions of particular cities and regions. Even a freezer full of trout fished just a few weeks ago or jam made with strawberries brought back from an escapade to Île d’Orléans tell the stories of the territories that are dear to us.

Biting into a local specialty evokes the people who produce them as well as local landscapes and terroirs. Knowing where our food comes from adds to the pleasure of eating, and memory emboldens tastes.