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The Musée de la civilisation gratefully acknowledges the financial investment by the Department of Canadian Heritage in the creation of this online presentation for the Virtual Museum of Canada.

The exhibition was produced by the Musée de la civilisation in partnership with the Canada Research Chair on Ethnological Heritage at Université Laval and Idéeclic as part of the Virtual Museum of Canada Program.

We would also like to thank all of the families who contributed to the exhibition with their testimonials.

Here is the list of all the people who nourished this exhibition.



Direction: Julie Gagnon

Project management: Ana-Laura Baz

Conservation: Lydia Bouchard

Education: Carolyne Bolduc and Nadine Davignon

Research: Mathieu Viau-Courville

Evaluation: Lucie Daignault and Marianne Sobraquès-Guertin
The teachers who helped evaluate the virtual exhibition.

Webmaster: Jules Morissette

Edimaster: Marie-Claude Mailhiot

Iconographic research: Mathieu Allard

Production assistance: Eve Dumais

Graphic design and image processing: Nathaly Bergeron

Photography: (objects from the collection): Amélie Breton, Nicola-Frank Vachon and Perspective

Photography and digitization assistance : Victor Daoust, Benoît Emili, Hélène Giguère, Gaétan Giguère, Suzie Hudon and Geneviève Vézina

Administrative assistant: Caroline Carrier and Simon Cliche-Lamoureux

Finance: Sylvie Paquet and Ann Jobidon

Communications: Agnès Dufour, Samantha McKinley and Serge Poulin

Intern: Maxime Lizotte


UNIVERSITÉ LAVALChaire de recherche du Canada en patrimoine ethnologique

Principal researcher: Laurier Turgeon

Coordination and administration: François X Côté

Documentation: Francesca Desilets, François X Côté and Élise Bégin

Video coordination and interviews: Philippe Dubois

Video director: Helgi Piccinin

Camera: Helgi Piccinin, Michaël Gravel, Benjamin Gadoury and Philippe Dubois

Editing: Michaël Gravel, Helgi Piccinin and François X Côté

Colorization: Arnaud Mariat

Mixing and sound design: Pierre-Luc Lecours

Captioning and description: Michaël Gravel and Valérie Vachon-Bellavance

Director (interview with Claude Fischler): Jean-Christophe Monferran



Site design and production: The multidisciplinary team at Idéeclic.



Scientific committee:

Alain Girard, Department of Sociology, Université du Québec à Montréal

Pierre Sercia, Departement of kinanthropologie, Université du Québec à Montréal

Christine Jourdan, Department of Sociology and Anthropology, Université Concordia

Marie Marquis, Department of Nutrition, Université de Montréal

Advisor and writer: Rémy Charest

Photography (families): Renaud Philippe


Cendrine Audet

Judith Langevin, Bla bla rédaction

Translation: Lisa Cecchini