Group of people eating maple taffy at the sugar shack.

Join us!

An invitation to share food with someone is a clear indication that we belong to a group. Sharing a meal helps to create ties and strengthen our relationships with those around us.

A day at the sugar shack, a potluck, apple picking with the kids, a business lunch or even an impromptu barbecue with the neighbours are all opportunities to spend time together and enjoy good food.

Festive meals are especially important. Structured and codified according to the type and number of dishes served, as well as by their organization and display, celebratory meals are often spectacular. The assigned seats for guests, speeches, dances and songs during the meal convey personal bonds and social and family hierarchies.

Does the adage tell me with whom you share a meal and I’ll tell you who you are hold true? Perhaps!

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Group of people eating maple taffy at the sugar shack. Sugar shack
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