The family meal - Kid's party

The family meal

Whether they’re festive celebrations or everyday dinners, family meals are veritable tasting laboratories! For children, they’re an opportunity to learn about flavours, table manners, recipes and table settings—all of the elements that constitute a food heritage. Through these meals, we discover what we eat, where we belong and who we are.

Today, most families in Québec have dinner together, and children certainly influence the choice of foods. But a family meal isn’t always pleasant. There may be pressures and obligations for parents and children to clean their plates, eat healthy and have good manners. Different schedules, television and video games can sometimes make it difficult to share family moments around the table. Meal times also help shape the adults in the making.

The feasts that mark important occasions are key to defining who we are. Weddings, birthdays, annual parties and graduations are all celebrated with a meal. They create family bonds by bringing close and extended family members and friends together.

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